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At Hegemon, designing products for other people is what we do best.  Here is a list of our more noteworthy projects.

PLC Identifier:
The PLC Identifier is a PLC4TRUCKS device that can read and save vehicle data in non-volatile memory.

PLC Identifier Technology:

  • A 12VDC PLC (Power Line Carrier) design, included: 1) electronic circuit design, 2) PCB layout, 3) embedded software in C and assembly, 4) in-house potting, 5) on-board EEPROM reprogramming through the PLC interface.

  • Potted module designed for the heavy duty trucking industry.

  • Meets or exceeds SAE J1455 specifications.

  • SAE J2497 (preliminary) compliant.

A one way vehicle communications device that communicates with a vehicle through a telephone. Module allows user to send commands or text messages to vehicle.

Carmunicator™ Technology:

  • Unit contains one microcontroller and an RF receiver.  All software written in assembly.

  • Patented and FCC approved.

  • Unit safely starts or stops an engine by monitoring critical engine functions.

  • In-house design includes: 1) electronics circuit design, 2) PCB layout with 30 amp traces, 3) 4K of Microchip assembly language.

  • An automotive application.  Withstands load dump, static discharge, low and high battery conditions, and other harsh conditions imposed upon a vehicle's 12V electrical system.

PLC4TRUCKS to J1939 to J1708 Bridge:
An electronic module that converts various vehicle protocols to any of the others.


  • One PLC4TRUCKS port, two J1939 port, and one J1708 port.

  • Siemens 80C166 microprocessor with 2 Meg Flash, 256K RAM, 64K EEPROM and a 16 bit data bus.

  • Two Intel 82527 CAN chips.

  • A hardware design project.

  • Meets or exceeds SAE J1455 specifications.

PLC/J1708 Adaptor:
A test tool used to connect the PLC4TRUCKS and J1708 vehicle protocols up to a PC.
  • Hardware design included embedded Phillips micro controller with internal re-programmable FLASH memory, 1 PC serial port, 1 PLC port, and 1 J1708 port.

  • One PLC4TRUCKS interface circuit, one PC serial interface, and one J1708 interface.

Solid State Compass:
A completely solid state compass based on Hall Effect technology.  Patented.
Solid State Compass Technology:
  • Uses two Hall Effect sensors at right angles to each other to determine the compass's angle with respect to magnetic north.

  • Resolution and accuracy to 1º.

  • 6502 processor used to determine the magnetic angle and compensate for any close ferrous materials.

  • Software written in assembly.

  • Work included hardware design, software programming, PCB layout, and prototype fabrication.

Automotive Box:
An electronic module used in the automotive industry.
Automotive Box Technology:
  • A Hegemon project included: hardware design, software programming in C, PCB layout, and light manufacturing.

  • Siemens C167 micrprocessor, 16 Meg of on-board re-programmable FLASH memory, 1 Meg RAM, 4 analog inputs, one digital input, a SAE J1939 CAN port, and a RS232 port.

  • Software was written in Visual Basic on a PC to re-program the FLASH.

  • Meets or excides SAE J1455 environmental specifications.

Test Equipment:
This test equipment designed for a customer to do automatic simultaneous design verification testing of 12 CD ROM and/or cassette mechanisms.

Test Equipment Technology:

  • The tester is rack mounted and is controlled by a PC running LABVIEW software.

  • 12 Microchip micro controllers communicate with one Siemens 80C166 microcontroller.  The Siemens in turn controls the communications with the PC.

  • Software was written in both C and assembly languages.

  • A hand held controller can plug into the front panel and allow the user to manually control the tester without a PC attached.

Telephone Ring Signaler:
When the phone rings, a light plugged into the signaler will flash.
Telephone Ring Signaler Technology:
  • The signaler is plugged into a telephone jack and when a phone rings the signaler will flash a light that is plugged into it.

  • Unit is FCC and UL approved.

  • A Hegemon project includes: hardware design and PCB board layout.

  • Unit is powered off of the telephone line.  REN <= 1.0.

Wireless Doorbell Signaler:
When the doorbell rings, a light plugged into the signaler will flash.
Wireless Doorbell Signaler Technology:
  • When someone rings the doorbell, a RF signal is sent to the signaler to flash a light that is plugged into it.

  • Design includes a selectable number of flashes, different flash codes for front door, rear door, or intercom, and a built-in chime.

  • 315 MHz.  FCC approved.

  • A Hegemon project includes: hardware design, RF design, software, and PCB layout.

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